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Strois Asset Management is focused on discrete investment opportunities to create or unlock value.

Investment strategy:

Strois Asset Management is a private special situations investor that seeks to achieve high returns with access to capital of up to 500 Million USD through its own resources and partner institutions.

Strois Asset Management is a long term investor with an ability to be patient in identifying the right investments that meet our risk-adjusted return requirements.

Investment Criteria:
Some key investment criteria for each category of investment are as follows:

Industry agnostic seed, start up and expansion business opportunities:
  • Realistic and proven management
  • Opportunities to add value through restructuring, business strategy or investment strategies
  • Clear path to value and exit
  • Minimum investment size:
Seed and start up opportunities: 2 million to 10 million USD initial investment opportunities
Expansion stage opportunities: 5 million to 50 million USD equity investment

Real estate development:
  • Quality projects with good return potential and relatively low completion risk
  • Early phase projects with exceptional return potential but concomitant higher completion risk
  • Investment size: 5 to 50 million USD equity investment 

  • Existing production organisations with proven track record looking to expand in existing or closely related fields
  • Start up businesses together with partners and /or management that has succeeded in other countries
  • Investment size: 5 to 50 million USD equity investment


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